Automation and digitalization increase productivity and quality. They also present an urgent need for cyber security. We offer solution to mitigate cyber risks by identifying threats, automating compliance and deflecting cyber-attacks.

American Smart Technologies has deep experience implementing cyber security solutions for industrial automation in many industries to maximize production and minimize disruption.

Our solutions allow our customers to identify and address cyber threats before they harm their business and we make it easy for them to select the services that meet their need.

We collaborate with our customer’s engineering team, gather data form their operation, analyze that data against industry best practices, global standards and deliver them a comprehensive report to understand the strengths, weaknesses, gaps and risks in their cyber security posture so they can determine the right strategy for their business.

Depending on what maintenance needs are, our team can work remotely or on-site. By delivering some services remotely, we can reduce costs and increase efficiency without affecting production.


Whether our customers need help implementing a cyber-security control, making changes to the architecture, or writing a security policy, our local industrial cyber security experts are available. We can help with specific projects of any size, or offer a flexible consulting program to fit their needs.

Our experts have extensive experience with the complexities of cyber security, availability, compliance and safety. They will work with our customer to devise a plan to accomplish their goals with minimal impact on production, while applying industry best practices and methods.

Below are some cyber security services provided by American Smart Technologies  :

  • Application Whitelisting Installation
  • Disaster Recovery
  • Event Monitoring Commissioning
  • Hardening
  • HID & NID Installation
  • Reference Architecture Gap Analysis
  • Remediation
  • Role Based Access Control
  • Security Controls Re-commissioning
  • Strategy and Policy Creation
  • Vulnerability Assessment

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