System Specification / Requirements

American Smart Technologies provide to the customers, solutions that are innovative, perfectly adapted to their requirements, of higher quality, and at a competitive price. Specifications can be presented for automation hardware, software, cabinet design, instrumentation design, industrial network systems, computer hardware and other system components.

American Smart Technologies’s Project Engineering and Consulting Services provide a comprehensive portfolio of services for companies who are planning complex, cost-sensitive process control projects that impact plant and corporate profitability.

Technology Evaluations

Today’s technology offers innovative ways to approach plant automation and control issues. To take advantage of technology, you need a partner who understands how to apply it to your needs. American Smart Technologies has an expert group of professionals with not only product expertise, but also years of project and application experience. American Smart Technologies will help you and your company reduce downtime, increase productivity and efficiency, improve quality, ensure a safe work environment and manage energy use and cost.

Site Systems Evaluations

Legacy systems can exist as isolated “islands of automation” as can manual operations. These situations require a systems evaluation to determine the most cost effective path for merging/migrating the systems into an integrated and maintainable system.

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