Integration of ERP, MES, SCM, DCS / PLC control systems, various production equipment and applications

Process and Production Intelligence

Being competitive in today’s market environment means continuously striving for more effective operations as well as more flexibility and agility. American Smart technologies provides solutions for optimized operations by enabling the control and insight needed in effective production-, quality-, inventory- and maintenance operations seamless integrated in control system .
We provide seamless integration of manufacturing and business with single point interface suitable for enterprises of all levels of complexity.

With extensive and deep domain knowledge in various industries, We use best technology in the best way to:

  • Visualize of pending tasks, work instructions, materials and equipment and quality test specifications in the context, reduces errors, rework and scrap and improves quality and throughput.
  • Provide the insights to continuously improve and optimize operations by Real time transparency of production status and performance.
  • Recording all relevant data in context, including transactional operation/order/product/ component quality data, ensures complete forward and backward traceability.
  • Integrating with SAP, ERP LN, Baan, IBM Maximo and other ERP systems.

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