A modern oil refinery can process several hundred thousand barrels of crude oil a day, and must operate continuously for months and years at a time. American Smart Technologies control expertise has high experience in providing fully seamless integrated control and safety systems to ensure maximum safety, production, and control can be maintained and make the complex plants as safe, energy efficient and reliable as possible.

We specialize in discrete, Batch and process control solutions and has delivered solutions in a variety of oil and gas plants .We collaborate with our clients to provide cost-effective solution to operate and optimize the process .
We have extensive knowledge of the oil and gas industry, especially in refining, distribution, pipeline, and terminal operations and transportation of oil and gas from well head to refinery, we have involved in purification, compression, liquefaction, Oil and gas pipeline pump and Gas compressor stations.


American Smart Technologies solutions for oil and gas pipeline automation include monitoring and management of block valve stations, pump stations, tank farms in liquid applications and compressing, reducing and metering stations in gas applications.
We provide maximum data integrity and multiple paths for data communication. This significantly increases the availability of the system, drastically reducing plants downtime.

Gas processing

American Smart Technologies designs automation systems for all types of gas plant operations, from wellhead to treatment centers. This involves:

– Injecting gas and fluid into the ground to increase pressure in a reservoir
– The “gathering” systems that collect wet natural gas from the wellheads and transport it to processing plants
– Three-phase separation, which divides the well fluid into oil, gas and water.
– The “fractionation” of the gas into its different chemical forms, such as propane and butane
– The conversion of gas to liquid, and liquid to gas.

Compressors and pumping stations

American Smart Technologies covers all activities related to the core application of oil and gas transportation. In fact, for pipeline compressor/ pumping stations, we offer solutions suitable to your individual needs. Our expertise domain not limited to compressor station automation system, we have knowledge of turbines control system and involved in many old turbine control system retrofitting project which need deep knowledge of rotary machines. 

Terminals and storage

Terminal and storage management should interact seamlessly with hydrocarbon production and transportation. Specifically, midstream requires primary distribution of crude and gas to oil and gas tankers, refineries and gas plants, feeding secondary gas distribution. American Smart Technologies provide cost effective automation solutions for Terminal and storage.


Safe operation and maximizing profitability and efficiency in petrochemicals as a sensitive and complex industry with many products and production processes need to use the best technology in the best way. American Smart technologies independence enable us to tailor automation solutions to our client needs, whether it’s advanced process control or fully integrated control and safety systems (ICSS).


Liquefied natural gas

American Smart Technologies designs and builds automation solutions for every aspect of the LNG value chain. This includes the extraction of the gas, its liquefaction and shipping, its re-gasification when it reaches a terminal, and its delivery to the end user by pipeline. In particular, we provide a wide range of solutions that integrate process engineering and our automation capabilities. These include:

  • The conversion of gas to liquid and liquid to gas
  • The design and installation of automation and power management systems for plants
  • The installation of SCADA (supervisory control and data acquisition) systems for gas pipelines. These automate the operation of the system, and also allow engineers to see what’s happening along the pipeline and intervene if necessary
  • Rotating machine control solution for the compressors of liquefaction plant cooling systems


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